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Denver Medical Marijuana Patient Testimonials

I would like to extend a special thank you to Dr. Shackelford and his colleagues at Amarimed … I have received amazing and almost immediate relief of the knee pain that I've been experiencing since the reconstruction of my left ACL. I have also received other positive benefits from the use of medical marijuana, and have begun tracking the uniquely individual effects of the different strains."
- RR

"Dr. Shackelford - Due to your recommendation I have been ingesting Marijuana products to help with my knee pain for the past two months.I could not be more pleased with the results, I am able to work a whole day as an IT Technician again without noticing issues with my knee. Ladders are no problem and I can crawl under desks to reach network cables again. Thank you for all you have done to help me."
- DS

"Hello Dr. Shackelford, I had an evaluation with you ... a month ago, so I am responding with an update. I have found that smoking a little bit of half indica, half sativa can take care of the nausea, without getting me too high to go about my business. Also, as per your suggestion, I tried eating an edible before bed, and it definitely helped me to wake up with little to no nausea, as well as a full appetite in the morning. Thank You for your suggestions! "
- AW

"Hi Dr. Shackelford, I am currently a patient of yours … I have purchased an herbal vaporizer and have been enjoying its benefits on a regular basis. During the day I take a few hits to help ease the pain. At night I have been indulging after I realized how much better I sleep after vaporizing herbals. Thanks so much for making my day to day life much more liveable. "
- NM

"My husband told me that I must meet you … He was absolutely correct! I wanted to say thank you for speaking with me the other day. I have taken your advice and went to see my GP who is now running tests & working with me on what the problem may be. It was so refreshing to talk to you and I have implemented your suggestions. Thank you so very much for that time you gave."
- SR

"Dear Dr. Shackelford, I am doing a lot better dealing with my pain, I have been eating the edibles before bed and that is helping out a lot. I usually smoke during the day and I have felt great with no pain at all . I want to express how thankful I am that you were able to help me with my pain and anxiety also. So thank you very much and I hope to keep in touch with you in the future."
- N

"I have been using a vaporizer and occasionally ingesting (brownies, tincture). I have had no headaches except for one in this time period and it was immediately relieve with the vaporizer. The relief I get from the pain in my hands and wrists is unbelievable. I can do multiple tasks, repeatedly, with no pain then or later. Thanks for all you are doing, Dr. Shackelford, It has made a big difference in my everyday activities. "
- CE

"Just wanted to let you know the medicine is working great. It helps with my inflammation and helps me sleep through the night. Thank you very much for seeing me. Will you be having another seminar?"
- KL

"Just to let you know that the tincture and butter really do give me much needed relief from pain with no side effects. Thank you for giving me the ability to find relief without all those narcotics. "
- QM

"Hello Dr. Shackelford, Thank You so much for licensing me for Medical Marijuana use in Colorado. The past few months have been nearly pain free, I am able to live my day to day life without pain. I Thank You very much Dr. and hope your continued efforts are as successful and necessary as they were in my case."
- JP

"Dr. Shackelford, I am writing you this to let you know that since I've gotten my license I have been on a different page of health, not only has my wrist and ankle pain not been an issue, but my stomach ailments seem to be better. Basically since I have been able to use medical marijuana I have really never felt better and/or happier. I am a full supporter that everyone should be able to enjoy this. Thank you so much for everything. "
- RB

"Just wanted to say thank you to Dr Shackelford. I had terrible ankle pain from previous injuries. Dr Shackelford suggested I try cannabis pain cream. It has been such a relief, way better than the expensive ketoprofen I was prescribed. Just wanted to say thank you and your expertise has made a huge difference!
- C